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National: 856-767-1950
Barletta: 570-668-2040
Lehigh: 570-668-4303

Around the time the Model T first rolled off Henry Ford’s production line, Glasgow, Inc. was founded. For nearly 100 hundred years we have been hard at work building a solid reputation in the construction industry as well as thousands of miles of roads across Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.


As a privately owned heavy and highway construction company, our expertise stretches far beyond the horizon to include airports, parking lots, utilities, dams, and nuclear power plants, just to name a few areas we service clients in the private and public sectors.

Safety is our number one priority, as evidenced by nine major safety awards won in as many years, including Pennsylvania’s prestigious Governor’s award. Our next highest priority is recognizing excellence among our 500 employees, for which we have been rewarded in turn by a remarkable level of loyalty; the average length of service being 15 years.


Bruce B. Rambo, only Glasgow’s third president, joined the company in 1963. Starting his career in the estimating department, he was promoted to corporate officer in 1971, and president in 1993 when James Glasgow passed away. During his tenure with the company, Mr. Rambo has guided Glasgow’s growth from a small, local construction company to a large multi-state operation.