Glasgow: 215-884-8800
National: 856-767-1950
Barletta: 570-668-2040
Lehigh: 570-668-4303

As the winner of numerous major safety awards, Glasgow is highly regarded for its pro-active approach to ensuring the well-being of employees, subcontractors, and the public at large.


Because the nature of our work is often hazardous, safety starts before the job begins with detailed written safety plans. On site, the work day begins with a 5 to 15 minute safety meeting conducted by the supervisor. Glasgow’s supervisors regularly attend OSHA, MSHA and other safety courses to maintain the company’s high safety standards, with weekly “toolbox talks” designed to keep employees up to date.


A low experience modification rate shows that our efforts are garnering success. Employee incentive programs and awards help keep everyone alert and motivated. Safety always has been, and will continue to be, regarded as a key interrelated part of all of Glasgow’s operations.